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Compassion is not weak or soft. Compassion is not just being kind, feeling sorry for others, or submissive. In fact, compassion is assertive.


Group therapy in Atlanta is for you if you would like to work on perfectionism, confidence, critical self-talk, anxiety, stress, depression, perfectionism, or performance. Group therapy is located in Buckhead and also a chance to connect with young professionals in the community.


Why Compassion Focused Group Therapy

How we talk to ourselves matters. What we think of ourselves matters. It may be difficult to believe, but having compassion for ourselves is not innate and is actually a skill we often don’t take time to invest in strengthening. What we also do not typically think of is that compassion – giving compassion to others, receiving compassion from others, and giving compassion to ourselves– helps improve performance and quality of life. The idea of this form of therapy is that not everything in our lives is our fault, but it is our responsibility. Research indicates that a compassion-focused life can actually improve mood, relationships with others, relationship with ourselves, and how we perform in all areas of our lives. This compassion focused group will help individuals gain awareness of negative or critical self-talk, improve work performance and interpersonal relationships, reduce anxiety related to performance and criticism, and offer coping strategies.


What You Will Gain in This Atlanta Group:

  1. Being in a big city can make it difficult to find like-minded individuals who understand the pressures and stress that come from a high-paced environment or job. Being a member of the group will allow you to be part of a community and will help develop connections to peers that have similar experiences and live in the Atlanta area. It can be hard to make friends and find peers in a new city. This group is a great opportunity to meet young professionals in Atlanta.
  1. Group therapy offers a space for people to not only learn from the therapist, but to also help each other explore and cope with difficult life circumstances in a social team-like setting. Group has consistently been shown to be as effective as individual therapy and incredibly beneficial. 
  1. You will learn how your mind and body connect during stress, how to use our physiology to activate motivation or decompress, how to be more resilient and gritty, and how trying to get rid of stress may actually impact your motivation.


Commitment and Cost 

– Group therapy offers therapy at a marginally lower cost. Each session will be $70 per member. You can submit a superbill to insurance for reimbursement. It is possible you will even get some money back from your insurance company

– The group will be 14 weeks

– Each therapy group session will be 70 minutes

– Members must be committed to attending 10 out of the 14 sessions. We ask this of you so that you can get the most out of group therapy

Topics: To get to the core of what has impacted our performance, we will learn about the different systems in our bodies (i.e., drive, threat, soothing). We will also process critical self-talk, activating strategies to increase motivation, and ways to regulate when stressed. Other topics include the tricky brain, mindfulness, shame and guilt, assertiveness, and forgiveness.


You May Be A Great Fit For This Atlanta Therapy Group If:

  • You live or work in the Atlanta area and can commit to attending the sessions (young professionals, athletes, and graduate students)
  • Are 21-35 years-old
  • Want to improve self-esteem, negative self-talk, stress, anxiety, or performance


My Experience- Dr. Larrea

Compassion-focused therapy became a passion of mine during my training at Brigham Young University. I worked with high-performing students, faculty, and athletes in both group therapy and individual therapy. My focus has been on helping individuals unlearn negative self-talk and perfectionism in an effort to help them become their most genuine self. I have seen that our critical-self did not start with us, but rather, it came through something or someone that impacted our self-view. My passion has since then been to journey with individuals in this process and help them work through the past and the present for a new future. I have seen in my experience in leading these groups you can leave feeling encouraged, motivated, and understood.

Atlanta group therapy

Group Therapy Takeaway:

With the help of group therapy you can achieve understanding about how you respond to stress, how you receive compassion, and what are more effective ways to improve your mental well-being and performance through a unique treatment.


If you are interested in starting group therapy please email Dr. Larrea





If you are looking for group therapy in Atlanta, know that you are in the right place. We also provide therapy services at the practice for anxiety, insomnia, depression, trauma, and eating disorders.