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Do you identify as a former or current athlete?

Have you had a recent injury?

Are you experiencing stress or anxiety?

Are you wanting to improve your performance?

Are you wanting to improve your confidence?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions you are in the right place as we specialize in providing counseling for athletes.


Sports Psychologist: Stress and Anxiety Therapy For Athletes

Routine exercise can be an excellent tool for managing stress and anxiety and developing a workable exercise program is one of the fundamental pillars of overall wellness. Athletes face unique stressors from concerns about performance to team dynamics and internal as well as external pressure. Our sports psychologists are trained at helping athletes cope with stress and anxiety to help them preform their best. In working with a sports psychologist you will gain many different tools to better handle the stressors that you are facing.


Sports Psychologist: Recovering From Injury

For athletes at every level, whether they are professional, collegiate or recreational—physical fitness becomes almost integral to identity. However, injury, pain, and illness are also part of the athlete’s journey. It can be challenging to cope when injuries and illnesses occur. First, there is the issue of coping with the physical pain and the rehabilitation process. On a larger scale, athletes worry whether they will ever return to “full strength,” or what it might mean if the physical changes caused by injury and illness are permanent. The bottom line is that recovery from injury and illness is not only a physical process, but also an emotional one.

We know that injuries, illnesses, and pain can cause stress, worry, and feelings of loss and uncertainty. We have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels, from recreational to professional, helping them through every aspect of the rehabilitation process and bolstering their conceptions of health and wellness. Our sports psychologists offer evidence-based yet individually tailored treatment to help athletes emerge from injury and illness with renewed emotional strength.


Therapy For Athletes: What Sets Us Apart

At Best Within You Therapy & Wellness, we understand the critical roles that physical performance and achievement play in the life of the athlete. Dr. Vincent Fitch, Dr. Mari Larrea and Dr. Andrea Elkon specialize and have significant experience in working with athletes.

Dr. Fitch – In addition to a doctorate in psychology, Dr. Fitch has a master’s in exercise science and a master’s in health psychology. Dr. Fitch completed his graduate school dissertation about elite athletes. He also has published articles about mental health and athletes. He has significant experience working with athletes.

Dr. Elkon – Dr. Elkon brings 15+ years of therapy experience. As past Director of Behavioral Health Services for the Alliance Spine and Pain Center she frequently worked with athletes. Dr. Elkon is also a past colligate athlete herself and has personal experience with the demands faced as an athlete.

Dr. Larrea – Dr. Larrea has a passion for providing therapy for athletes. She has specific experience providing team consultations, pre- season evaluations, and counseling for student athletes on D1 teams. Some athlete populations she has worked with include track, cross country, pole vault, swimming, diving, cheer squads, gymnastics, and dance. Additionally, she has provided trainings about athletes and was a professor for a performance psychology class.  

If you work with Dr. Fitch, Dr. Larrea, or Dr. Elkon, you will be getting quality and personalized care. Sessions will be tailored to your unique goals and you will work together as a team to meet those goals. When it comes to injury, they also often collaborate with other rehabilitation specialists, such as physicians and physical therapists, to ensure the sustainability of recovery. Our Atlanta, GA sports therapists work with teens, young adults, and adults. Services are provided in person in Buckhead or through video sessions.

It is important that you feel like you have the best psychologist on your side to support you. You can reach out to schedule a complimentary phone consultation


sports psychology therapy for athletes

Questions about working with a sports psychologist


How is therapy different than working with a coach?

A coach tends to focus most on the physical side of the sport. A psychologist is trained in focusing on the athlete’s mind, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. In working with a sports psychologist you will also be working with someone who has a doctorate in psychology.

Will we be able to work on things outside of my sport or being an athlete?

Absolutely! In fact, much of what you learn in therapy is even transferable to situations outside of your sport. For example, dealing with frustration or stressful situations or recovering from setbacks. Some of the athletes that work with us want to only focus on aspects related to being an athlete. Other athletes come to us because they want a psychologist who can understand the unique demands of being an athlete on top of the additional demands they are facing in their life. You get to set your own goals in therapy and work on what is the best fit for you.

What kinds of athletes do the psychologists work with?

Our psychologists work with many different kinds of athletes. Some examples include: professional basketball players, runners, college soccer players, dancers, high school baseball players, and more.


If you are looking for a sports psychologist, know that you are in the right place.  The psychologists at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness are not only experts in counseling for athletes but specialize in help with insomniaeating disorder treatment, and much more. You can schedule a video appointment or in office appointment with one of our sports psychologists today.