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Atlanta Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Leslie

Dr. Rebecca Leslie, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist 

I am a licensed psychologist that specializes in helping people change their relationship with food. I work with individuals struggling with binge eating, emotional eating or stress eating, and bulimia. I have a specific specialization in eating concerns and eating disorders with a binge component. I help people to feel less out of control when it comes to eating and spend less time thinking and worrying about food. Together we will improve your relationship with food and help you feel more confident. I also work with clients who have depression, anxiety, or trouble sleeping. 

​I completed my doctoral internship at Northwestern University’s counseling center and postdoctoral fellowship at Chicago Behavioral Health. I have experience seeing clients in private practice, counseling centers, hospitals, and medical centers.

As a psychologist, I use evidence-based approaches while personalizing therapy to best fit the unique needs of each person. I focus on building a strong and trusting relationship with everyone I work with. I am a warm, empathetic, flexible, and honest therapist.

​Therapy will be focused on helping you reach your goals. In the first session, we will talk about what you are working towards. Then, our sessions will be tailored to meeting your individual needs and goals. 

You are welcome to schedule a consultation or appointment with myself or any of the licensed psychologists at the practice.


-> Northwestern University Counseling Center, Doctoral Internship

-> Chicago Behavioral Health, Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

-> Nova Southeastern University, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) & Masters of Science (MS)

-> University of Maryland, Bachelor of Arts (B.A., Psychology) Magna Cum Laude

-> Health Coach certification


-> International Association for Eating Disorders board member, Georgia Chapter

-> Georgia Psychological Association Committee for Independent Practice committee member 

-> Emory Healthcare Your Weigh Program

-> The Southeast Permanente Medical Group

-> Northwestern University’s eating concerns assessment and treatment team

-> Research presented in London, Canada, and throughout the US.

-> Nova Southeastern’s Biofeedback and Health Psychology Clinic, Clinic Coordinator

-> Expert feature in articles from Huffpost, Weight Watchers, Bustle, Her Campus and more

andrea elkon atlanta licensed psychologist

Dr. Andrea Elkon, PhD – Licensed Psychologist 

I know that it can be difficult to ask for help. When it comes to our emotions and behaviors, we all have the tendency to think, “I can fix it myself.” But the reality is, life is filled with challenges. Whether it’s your health,  your work, or your feelings about yourself; life isn’t always smooth or easy.  All of these challenges can also leave you feeling drained and exhausted. You do not have to face life’s challenges alone. I believe that your emotional well-being is the centerpiece of a healthy life, and that we can work together to help you achieve your goals.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with 15+ years of experience. I’ve worked with a broad range of clients in hospitals, schools, outpatient mental health clinics and medical offices. My diverse clinical experiences have solidified my commitment to whole-person wellness. I believe that an important step to feeling better is to explore the dimensions of your life (physical health, relationships, work, self-care) and how those parts of your life are affecting how you feel and how you act. When you feel well emotionally, physically, and socially; your quality of life can genuinely improve.

I have a particular specialization in working with athletes of all levels; professional, collegiate, and recreational.  As a former collegiate volleyball and softball player, I understand that athletic performance incorporates so much more than physical training. I work with athletes who are struggling with anxiety, confidence, focus, or team dynamics. Additionally, I see athletes after they have experienced some major event in their athletic lives; such as acute and chronic injuries, pain, illness, or physical changes with aging.  I also frequently work with athletes struggling with eating concerns and body image.  

The issues I describe are not necessarily specific to athletes. I work with individuals who feel “stuck” in some important area of their life. Perhaps it is anxiety, depression, food, sleep, or your physical health that has you feeling “stuck.” During our initial sessions, we will explore the sticking points in your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I will hear more about your goals, and we will work together to develop a plan to reach those goals. I use evidenced-based treatments, but I believe in modifying those treatments to meet your individual needs.


-> University of Virginia, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., Clinical Psychology) and Masters of Education (School Psychology)

-> University of South Carolina School of Medicine/South Carolina Department of Mental Health, Pre-Doctoral Internship

-> The Medlin Treatment Center, Post-Doctoral Fellowship

-> Haverford College, Bachelor of Arts (B.A., Psychology) Magna Cum Laude


-> Director of Behavioral Health Services, Alliance Spine and Pain Centers

-> Peer-reviewed publications in numerous scholarly journals; including the Journal of Early Adolescent Development, Sciences and the Law, School Psychology, and National Social Science Journal

-> Atlanta VA Medical Center 

-> American Psychological Association member 

-> Division of Sports, Exercise and Performance Psychology and Division of Rehabilitation Medicine member

-> Presentations delivered across the country to Nursing, Human Resources, Legal and other professional organizations


Dr. Laura Riss atlanta psychologist

Dr. Laura Riss, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist 

It takes much strength and courage to seek therapy and bring voice to difficult truths. My goal is to provide a warm and empathetic connection and to understand your experiences. I believe that our early years inform who we are and the narratives that we hold about our strengths as well as areas where we struggle. It is with this lens that I will work with you to understand what you are seeking through therapy and collaborate with you to set goals for the therapeutic process.

I have over 15 years of experience as a Clinical Psychologist. I have worked in a range of treatment settings from medical centers, inpatient, counseling centers, and private practice. I have also provided training and supervision to behavioral health clinicians. I have specializations in the areas of eating disorders (from restrictive patterns to overeating, emotional eating, and binge eating as well as bulimia and body image disturbances) and survivors of abuse and trauma. In addition, I provide psychotherapy for individuals dealing with symptoms of mood disorders, anxiety, relationship difficulties, developmental or health concerns particularly related to the college student population, diversity and LGBTQIA+ issues.  I am passionate about helping people of all sexual orientations, lifestyles, and self identification. It is our differences and unique perspectives that can bring the greatest healing.

The goal for therapy is to help support the changes that you wish to make and learn to incorporate the strategies and tools needed to have a happy and healthy life. I use evidence-based techniques including mindfulness, as well as incorporate creative and dynamic strategies to facilitate the healing process. I believe it is an honor to be a part of someone’s healing journey and it would be an honor to join you on yours.


->University of Georgia Counseling and Psychological Services, Postdoctoral Fellowship

-> Nova Southeastern University, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) & Masters of Science (M.S.)

-> New York University  Master of Arts (M.A.)

-> Purdue University Bachelor of Arts (B.A., Psychology) Magna Cum Laude

-> Certified Mindfulness Informed Clinician


-> Head of eating disorder team for The Southeast Permanente Medical Group

-> International Association for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

-> Athens Area Psychological Association member

-> International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals


licensed psychologist in altanta Dr. vincent fitch.

Dr. Vincent Fitch, PsyD – Licensed Psychologist

As a licensed psychologist extensively trained in the interactions between mind and body, I take a holistic approach to helping my clients.  I have significant experience in working with eating disorders, athletes, and health behavior change. I work to improve overall functioning with individuals 13 and up. I provide individual therapy as well as family therapy. I help my clients gain more control of their lives and realize themselves outside of their own specific concerns. Our therapeutic relationship will empower you to live your best life.

I have worked with clients in various settings including hospitals, medical centers, residential facilities, intensive-outpatient programs, and private practice. I use evidence-based approaches while being sensitive to the unique differences of all my clients. In our time together you can expect empathy, honesty, and a therapist that will keep you accountable for becoming the best version of yourself.

While I make mention above of various areas of my experience, I am also aware that most mental health concerns do not occur exclusively. I have significant experience working with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, sleep, substances, OCD, mood disorders, health conditions, and the influences of personality features in interpersonal functioning. At the Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, I worked with many clients coping with trauma. In therapy, together we will first establish goals that incorporate your concerns and the following sessions will be used to make progress toward these goals.


-> Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

->Biloxi Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Doctoral Internship

-> Mercer University, Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) & Masters of Science (MS)

-> Georgia Southern University, Master of Science (MS, Exercise Science)

-> West Virginia University, Bachelor of Science (BS, Sport and Exercise Psychology) Magna Cum Laude


-> Diversity and Inclusion mentorship program at the Charlie Norwood Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Founder

-> Published articles related to elite athletes and mental health concerns

-> International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals, Chapter scholarship recipient and volunteer

-> Eating Disorder Information Network, Volunteer

-> Over 15 presentations and guest lectures related to various populations experiencing mental health concerns

-> Mercer University Behavioral Health Lab, Lead Researcher

Psychologist Dr. Amelia Miller

Dr. Amelia Miller, PhD – Licensed Psychologist

You may be reaching out for support at this time because you’re feeling stuck. When meeting with my clients for the first time and discussing what brings them to therapy, most share that they have tried everything that they can think of to address their concern. Perhaps they’re used to being able to “figure it out” independently but the current issue feels insurmountable. My approach to therapy is walking alongside you as you explore different parts of yourself, better understand your thoughts and emotions, reflect on where long-standing patterns may have come from, and move towards actions that align with your values. While you are the expert of your own experience, you don’t have to go through this alone.  

I am a licensed psychologist who specializes in relationship concerns, anxiety, depression, disordered eating/body image, perfectionism, trauma and resilience with close attention to and incorporation of your intersecting identities. I have almost 10 years of experience providing counseling services to adults and young adults. Specifically, for the last two years I was the psychologist for the Emory School of Medicine, where I worked primarily with medical students. I have a deep understanding of the ways academic stress impacts young adults, particularly in their longing for a sense of control and the impact of work stressors on relationships. 

I use research supported approaches to address client concerns, while leaning into our therapeutic relationship by building a safe and collaborative environment. I strive to find balance between exploration and empowering you to leave each session with tangible skills and strategies that can help you meet your goals and maintain changes over time. It would be an honor for me to walk alongside you as we explore parts of yourself and trust that we can make meaningful changes together.


->Emory University Counseling and Psychological Services, Postdoctoral Fellowship

->Emory University Counseling and Psychological Services, Doctoral Internship

->The University of Georgia, Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology (PhD)

->The University of Georgia, Master’s in Professional Community Counseling (MEd)

->The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA)


->Counseling and Psychological Services representative to the Emory Eating Concerns Care Team

->Pending book chapter publication on Eating Disorder Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa with Latinas

->The University of Georgia’s Department of Professional Community Counseling, Research Assistant on project entitled, Women of Color’s Experiences of Psychotherapy After Child Maltreatment

->The University of Georgia Division of Academic Enhancement, Collaborative Academic and Retention Effort (CARE), Graduate Assistant

->Duke University Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Research Assistant


Dr. Martha Womack psychologist

Martha Womack, PhD – Licensed Psychologist

You may be seeking therapy to help remove or change issues which are causing you discomfort.  In addition to therapy helping you cope and reduce your distress, the process of self-discovery within the therapeutic relationship can lead to an increased understanding and acceptance of yourself. It can also lead to an expansion of comfort with all aspects of yourself. 

I am a clinical psychologist with 30 years’ experience working with adults, young adults, and couples in a variety of settings including private practice, hospitals, and outpatient medical clinics. I have provided therapy to patients in primary care clinics (e.g., neurology, cardiology, ob/gyn, and oncology). I work with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substances, trauma, medical concerns, or relationship difficulties. My approach is strength-based and grounded in the belief that all people are using their best skills to address the demands and challenges in their lives. I focus on being curious and nonjudgmental as I explore areas of an individual’s current functioning, those which are effective in addressing daily challenges as well as those which can interfere with effective functioning. I am also certified in EMDR which I tailor to the individual needs of my clients. 

Your life experiences have influenced your emotional beliefs and decisions. You use these thoughts, emotions, and deep beliefs as you interact with others and with your world. You may respond to situations in your life in ways which seem, on the surface, to be confusing or make no sense. Addressing this confusion and discomfort is an act of courage. Throughout the therapy process, we will examine these areas. My experience has been that this exploration will lead you to develop increased self-compassion, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. From this place of mindfulness, new choices and decisions emerge which will allow you to experience greater fulfillment in your life. It is a privilege for me to join clients in their exploration of themselves and their world. I look forward to working with you to investigate and discover all of who you are.


-> Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Predoctoral internship

->Georgia  State University, Psychotherapy and Behavior Therapy Clinic, Postdoctoral fellowship

->Georgia State State University – Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (PhD) and MA (psychology)

->Eckerd College – BA (Sociology)


-> EMDR International Association (Certified Therapist)

-> Licensed Psychologist Ascension/St. Vincent’s Healthcare

-> Staff Psychologist VA Outpatient Clinic/Women’s Clinic

-> Assistant Professor/Coordinator of Clinical Training GA Southern University

-> Presentations at the Georgia Psychological Association and International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals

-> Clinical Coordinator, Psychotherapy and Behavior Therapy Clinic, Georgia State University

-> International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals member

dietitian nutritionist morgan cherry, RDN

Morgan Cherry, MS, RDN, LD – Registered Dietitian

I am a registered dietitian that specializes in eating disorders and am very passionate about helping my clients find food freedom. I work with all individuals that struggle with an eating disorder or disordered eating. I am passionate about teaching clients about the importance of adequately fueling the body, while allowing flexibility and permission with food choices. 

I can not walk this journey for you, but I can be there every step of the way to provide you with support, education, and encouragement. Together we will be able to work to improve your relationship with food and your body. There is so much confusing nutrition information out there these days, so let me help you debunk the myths and create a relationship with food that fits YOU.  

My goals during our sessions are to meet you where you are at, while also providing encouragement and advice to help you create a better relationship with yourself and food. Finding freedom with food may feel impossible at this time, however, together we can work towards it!



Our licensed psychologists provide online therapy as well as in person appointments for clients in Decatur, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Morningside, Atlanta, or anywhere in Georgia. We are also licensed to provide therapy to clients in Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Nevada, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah, and more through PsyPact.

We welcome clients in all bodies, identities, and neurodiversities. 

You can schedule a complimentary phone consultation with any of the psychologists or the registered dietitian at the practice.

Dr. Leslie is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable professional. She is open, empathetic, and helps find and provide the best care for you. She goes above and beyond to make sure you are always supported and I would recommend her always

Author Best World Ever

Dr. Leslie is a thoughtful psychologist that brings compassion to her work. It has always been clear to me that she truly cares about her patients. She is well trained in eating-related concerns and has a wealth of knowledge to support her patients.

- Dr. Sherrie Thomas
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

We had the pleasure of Rebecca presenting for our school. Not only was it so amazing to work with her on the project, but her information was also impactful and relevant to our community. We appreciate her passion for her work, it shows, and this is why we will continue to partner with her.

Sara Grise
Fusion Academy

“Recently I asked Dr. Rebecca Leslie to help me host a Live Webinar discussing “Behavioral tips and tools for changing your relationship with food and working towards health and wellness goals”, For my followers and clients.Dr. Leslie’s advice is realistic, gets individuals set up for immediate and long term success and she brings a lot of clarity to what some might find complicated health topics.She has an excellent way of empowering her clients to feel good about taking action now without feeling like they have to be perfect.I will absolutely be asking Dr. Leslie to speak again to my followers and clients on a different topic soon!”

Laura Hamilton, MA,RD,CSP,LD
- Nutrition Now llc
I highly recommend this psychology practice for anyone struggling with an eating disorder. The psychologists show invaluable kindness and expertise. They are compassionate and well invested in their clients. Couldn’t ask for a better experience!
Hannah P

Morgan is a caring and compassionate dietitian who will work with you to meet your self-identified goals. Morgan is supportive and encouraging when it comes to recovery and adapts to meet each client where they are to provide individualized care. -Lucy M

Dr. Laura Riss shows much concern about your issues and does whatever to help you cope with them. She is a wonderful psychologist and I highly recommend her to anyone! – Jennifer F

Dr. Elkon is warm and compassionate. She is also a knowledgeable and ethical healthcare provider. She genuinely cares about her patients and partners with you to help bring relief and hope.