Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do you take insurance and what are your rates?

For therapy appointments, we are not in network with insurance for many reasons. One primary reason is that insurance companies can give restrictions to our therapeutic work.  It is important to us that we can provide you with quality therapy without worrying whether a certain diagnosis will be covered or if insurance will stop covering mid treatment. We believe therapy decisions should be between you and your psychologist to best support you.

It is also important to us to be transparent about costs. The rates for therapy are 195-250 depending on the type and length of appointment. Nutrition counseling rates are 95-175 depending on appointment length. Reduced cost appointment (sliding scale) availability varies by clinician. Your therapist will talk to you about their rates.

You have the option to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement with a superbill that we are happy to provide you. Many plans have out of network benefits. If you would like to know how much your insurance company will reimburse for therapy you can call and ask them what reimbursment is for the code 90834 with a 95 modifier. Make sure to ask if you have a deductible that you need to meet before coverage kicks in.  Many of Best Within You Therapy & Wellness clients get reimbursed 40-100% of the cost of therapy sessions from their isurance company through using out of network benefits.  You are also welcome to use your HSA or FSA account.

Benefits of private pay include:

-When you use insurance, they may stop covering therapy sessions at their discretion. Therapy and treatment decisions will be up to you and your therapist.

You are able to find the best therapist fit for you without limitations.

There is more privacy with private pay; we do not have to provide a treatment plan or therapy records to your insurance

– Your insurance does not dictate how many sessions you can have or how long sessions need to be.

Bariatric psychological evaluations: we accept Aetna. If you do not have this insurance bariatric psychological evaluations are $395. You can submit to your insurance company using your out of netwok benefits. 

Q: What degree, certification, or license do your therapists have?

The therapists at the practice are licensed psychologists. They completed 6 years of a doctoral program. Dr. Rebecca Leslie, Dr. Vincent Fitch and Dr. Laura Riss have a PsyD and Dr. Andrea Elkon, Dr. Martha Womack, and Dr. Amelia Miller have a PhD in psychology. Each psychologist has the highest level of a degree you can have as a therapist. The psychologists all have a masters degrees and then went on to get their doctorate. If you work with a therapist at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness, know that you are working with a therapist that is highly trained.

Q: Where are sessions located?

Dr. Fitch is providing in person and video appointments.  Dr. Elkon is doing walk and talk therapy sessions in addition to video appointments. For all the other psychologists at the practice sessions are currently being done through online video appointments. You will be emailed a link and information on how to access the online therapy session prior to your appointment. Our Atlanta based therapists can see patients in Georgia and throughout the US through their PsycPact licensure. Dr. Leslie is also licensed in Florida.

Q: How long are the appointments?

The first session will last about 50 minutes. Therapy sessions after this will last about 45 minutes. Bariatric evaluations will last 50-55 minutes.

Q: How long will we meet for therapy?

This is very individualized and depends on your goals. You will work with your psychologist to figure out what is the best therapy fit for you. Some of our clients we see for a couple of months, while some have been in therapy with us for several years.

Q: What conditions do Best Within You Therapy & Wellness therapists work with?

Every therapist is focused on overall wellness, but each therapist has their unique areas of specalization.

Dr. Leslie specializes in treating eating disorders and eating concerns, specifically binge eating, emotional eating, and any type of eating that feels out of control or has an overeating component. She has worked at two different medical centers seeing patients with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trouble sleeping, body image concerns, eating and weight-related concerns, and more. Also, she has worked at Northwestern University Counseling Center as well as Florida Atlantic University Counseling Center seeing undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of presenting concerns.

At Northwestern, she was part of the eating concerns assessment and treatment team. As part of this team, she helped decide what level and type of care patients needed and helped to coordinate this care. Dr. Leslie has experience helping people find the best type of therapy for their individual situations. With patients who are receiving treatment for binge eating disorder, help with emotional eating, treatment for bulimia, or other eating-related concerns she will coordinate and collaborate with dietitians as clinically appropriate.

Dr. Elkon brings 15+ years of experience as a psychologist.  She has extensive experience working with clients struggling with anxiety and providing therapy and treatment for depression. Her areas of specialty also include eating disorders, sports psychology, insomnia and pain. She is an expert in treating both acute pain and chronic pain. She is also passionate about helping people who are recovering from an injury. She fouses on helping people feel well both physically and mentally. She additionally holds an expertise in assessments.

Dr. Laura Riss works with indiviudals struggling with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, as well as trauma. Dr. Riss is an expert in treating eating disorders and is the head of the eating disorder team at the Southeast Permente Medical group. Dr. Riss also has 15 years of experience working with patients with trauma. She blends psychodynamic and inner child work with coping strategies and tools from cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness.

Dr. Vincent Fitch has experience working with clients with eating disorders at the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders as well as Walden. He has worked with patients at a variety of levels of care, including intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs. While Dr. Fitch has a specialization in eating disorders and athletes, he very frequently works with clients experiencing mental health concerns outside of eating disorders. Dr. Fitch works with a variety of concerns including eating disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression, OCD, and substance use. Dr. Fitch provides family therapy in addition to individual therapy. He is skilled at helping clients navagate relationship challanges in one on one theapy as well as family therapy.

Dr. Amelia miller is a great fit for clients who are stuggling with eating, anxiety, depression, trauma, perfectionism, or relationships. She brings 10+ years of experience working with clients. She most recently was working at Emory University’s college counseling center. At Emory she worked primarly with medical students. She enjoys working with adults and young adults. She is incredibly emapthetic, warm, and compassionate psychologist.

Dr. Martha Womack brings 30 years of experience. She is a great fit for clients struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, eating disorders, sleep, or trauma. She also is an EMDR certified therapist. She has experience working in private practice as well as hospitals. Additionally, Dr. Womack used to be an assistant professor. She focuses on builing a strong and trusting relationship with all of her clients. 

We want you to receive high quality care, and will match you with a psychologist that is specialized in working with the concerns that bring you into therapy. We are passionate about finding the best psychologist fit for you.