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We specialize in children, teens, and adults


Atlanta Dietitian Nutritionist – Nutrition Counseling Services:

Eating disorders

Food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Body image or weight concerns

Gastrointestinal issues 


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)

Pregnancy and breastfeeding  

Picky eating 

*We provide services to clients in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Our dietitian nutritionists are also licensed in several other states throughout the US to provide nutrition counseling.


Atlanta Dietitian Nutritionist 

We make food decisions every day. How to fuel our bodies can feel complicated or overwhelming when struggling with body image, an eating disorder, food intolerances, and/or a health condition (e.g., PCOS, diabetes, celiac, IBS). Know that we are here to support you. Our Atlanta dietitian nutritionists have specialized training to help you overcome the challenges related to food that you are facing. Our dietitians do not offer a cookie cutter approach. Instead, they tailor their work to your unique health conditions, goals, and lifestyle. They empower you to help you feel your best about your body and food choices.

It does not have to be a struggle about what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. Thoughts about food and eating don’t have to feel confusing or overwhelming. Our registered dietitian nutritionists are here to support you. In working with a dietitian, you will get counseling based on your unique needs, goals, lifestyle, and preferences. Our team will help you work towards achievable goals and changes in a supportive and nonjudgmental space. 

Nutrition counseling is provided at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness by Morgan Cherry,MS,RDN,LD and Kelly Corrigan RD, LD, CDCES. Morgan and Kelly are Atlanta, Georgia licensed dietitian nutritionists. When you work with one of our licensed dietitian nutritionists you will have an initial 50-55 minute intake appointment. After this, sessions are 30 of 45-minutes. Nutrition counseling is provided to children, teens, families and adults. 

*Our team takes on a limited caseload to provide the highest quality time and attention to each client. We have current openings for new clients. 

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Eating Disorder Dietitian

Our dietitian nutritionists have specialized training and experience working with disordered eating and body image concerns. Kelly is the current Head Eating Disorder Dietitian at Kaiser Permanente. Morgan has worked at three different an eating disorder treatment centers in addition to her private practice work. Both dietitians are highly skilled in helping clients struggling with binge eating, emotional eating, anorexia, bulimia, body image, restrictive eating, and ARFID. 

Our dietitian nutritionists are Health At Every Size (HAES) aligned. This means that they accept body diversity. They will never shame anyone for their body size. They support eating and movement as a way to care for your body. They promote your health and well-being as a primary goal. They do not believe in crash diets or restrictive eating, but personalized evidenced based tools for food and behavior change. 

Quotes from our team about their eating disorder work:

“I want to help you break-free from diets by using evidence-based interventions. Together we will be able to break down the facts and the truth behind a lot of the diet myths that you may have been taught throughout your life. We will be able to work towards living a life where you have flexibility and permission with your food choices, without being controlled by limiting specific foods, food groups, or amounts of food.” – Morgan Cherry. RDN, LD

“My motto is all food can fit. That includes ALL categories of food. We will talk about mindful eating practices, how to know when you are hungry and when you are satisfied and how the body needs and uses each food group. No foods are forbidden, together we can work through any and all myths and lies that you may have accepted as the truth. With patience and diligence freedom from food “rules” can be achieved.” – Kelly Corrigan, RD, LD

Gastro Intestinal Issues, Food Allergies, Food Sensitivities

A food intolerance involves the digestive system with symptoms like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, nausea. A food allergy can be defined as any adverse reaction to food that involves the immune system. This further breaks down into two kinds of reactions, food allergy and food sensitivity. Food allergies affect 1-2% of the population and account for a small percentage of all adverse food reactions. These reactions can be life threatening but most will only produce uncomfortable symptoms. People suffering from a food allergy can usually identify what food they are allergic to without the help of testing. This is because the reaction occurs every time, shortly after they eat their allergic food. Food sensitivity is also known as a delayed food allergy. It can take from 45 minutes to several days for symptoms to become apparent. This makes it especially difficult to identify the food that could be causing the problem. 

Food sensitivities, food allergies and food intolerances can feel challenging to navigate – both at home and in social settings. Many clients may also have been to gastrointestinal doctors and told they have IBS and are now feeling confused on what to do. Our dietitian nutritionists can help you uncover foods and the way you’re eating that are contributing to uncomfortable symptoms. They also are trained to take a whole person approach and will see if there are things beyond what you are eating that can be playing a role in your symptoms. They will help you with ways to eat and practices that can improve your gastrointestinal pain. Our dietitian nutritionist, Kelly, can also work with you to do food sensitivity testing to help you better understand which foods may be causing your symptoms. 


Are you confused about all the diabetes information that you hear and read about? Are you wondering why your blood sugar readings can be so different from day to day, even if you eat the same food, the same amount of food, at the same time of the day? If so, you can make an appointment with our dietitian who will help break down all the myths and confusion about diabetes. Our dietitian will help you get your blood sugar under control. We work with many clients with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. 

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Womens’s Health

Kelly Corrigan previously worked at an OBGYN office. This makes her uniquely skilled to address concerns of pregnancy and postpartum as well as overall women’s health. She is also a certified lactation consultant. Kelly works with mothers, soon to be mothers, as well as infants and children regarding nutrition or lactation concerns. She is also highly experienced working with conditions such as PCOS and women’s health concerns.

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 Why work with our team versus another dietitian nutritionist?

Our team of Atlanta dietitian nutritionists have specialized nutrition training and experience. Our team has specific training related to disordered eating, diabetes, pregnancy and breast feeding, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, to name a few areas of their expertise. The Best Within You Therapy & Wellness dietitians nutritionists have experience working at medical centers, obstetrics and gynecology offices, as well as eating disorder treatment centers. Their warm personalities put clients at ease during nutrition counseling. They create a shame free non-intimidating environment for clients to meet their nutrition goals.

Our nutritionists work within a therapy practice, which means if during your work together you decide you want to work with a therapist they can seamlessly refer you to one. You would be able to have a dietitian nutritionist and therapist on the same team working together. By no means do you have to do therapy or work with a therapist at our practice, but by getting nutrition counseling at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness this option is incredibly accessible if you would like it. 

What is the difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian nutritionist?

Morgan and Kelly are registered dietitian nutritionists and licensed dietitians (RDN/ LD). Using the term “dietitian” or “registered dietitian” is legally protected. Becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist requires a bachelor of science in food and nutrition, completion of a 1 year dietetic internship accredited by The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, board certification, and then licensure.  A registered dietitian also has to do continuing education to keep up the national (RD or RDN) and Georgia license (LD). The biggest difference between a registered dietitian nutritionist and a nutritionist is level of education and licensure. In many states a nutritionist can practice without a license. 

If you are looking for a Dietitian Nutritionist and nutrition counseling, know that you are in the right place. We also provide therapy services at the practice for anxiety, insomnia, depression, trauma, and eating disorders.