Trauma Therapy

We provide trauma therapy to clients who have experienced various forms of trauma. Trauma can be abuse, assault, or facing a near death experience. Trauma can also happen from unhealthy relationships. Trauma may be a repeated event or one time occurrence.

Some examples of trauma include:

-Physical or verbal abuse

– Loss

-Witnessing abuse


-Accidents or injuries

-Living in fearful environment

-An ongoing situation that causes distress or fear

-Invalidating environments



Symptoms After Experiencing a Trauma

Experiencing a trauma is very common. In fact, five to six out of ten people experience a minimum of one trauma in their lifetime. After a trauma, some people develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while others do not. In treating trauma, our psychologists have seen a variety of different symptoms. The impact of trauma can also present differently in every person.  If you have experienced a trauma you may notice ANY of the following:

  1. Anxiety, depression, feelings of numbness or turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as substances
  2. Self blame or guilt
  3. Changes in behavior or personality
  4. Avoidance of some people, places, or situations
  5. Flashbacks or nightmares
  6. Physical symptoms (for example: aching, nausea, or headaches)
  7. Changes in sleep
  8. Trouble concentrating
  9. Feeling irritable


Trauma therapy

Know that you do not have to keep feeling the way you are right now and you do not have to deal with this alone. Trauma therapy can help you feel mentally and physically better. In working with an Atlanta based trauma therapist you will have a safe and confidential space to work towards helping you heal from the trauma and it’s impact on your life.

We pride ourselves on providing compassionate, personalized, and thoughtful therapy for trauma. During the first therapy appointments, your psychologist will work with you to establish trust and understand your experiences. You will likely also talk about goals. Your trauma therapist will go at your own pace and will not push you beyond what you are ready for. You may be ready to talk about your trauma or you may not, and both are okay. Therapy for trauma may be focused on how to ground and calm yourself when you are feeling distressed, how to set appropriate boundaries and when you need these boundaries, and how to feel relief of symptoms. When you are ready, therapy may move towards processing the trauma. Your therapist will be with you to process the painful emotions, thoughts, memories, and the impact they are having on you.


Benefits of Therapy For Trauma

Some of the things you may notice changing in trauma therapy include:

  1. Reduced anxiety, sadness, and distress and having tools to manage difficult emotions
  2. Improved sleep
  3. Improved healthy coping skills
  4. Better understanding of yourself
  5. Reduced guilt and self-blame
  6. Improved relationships
  7. Improved ability to respond to triggers of your trauma

Trauma therapy in atlanta. Person overcoming their trauma

Questions about trauma therapy and treatment for PTSD


 I am afraid to think about the trauma, how can therapy help if I am not ready to talk about it?

Therapy for trauma or treatment for PTSD moves at your own pace. You will have control of what you do not want to talk about. Our experienced Atlanta based trauma therapists will check in with you throughout therapy about how you are feeling. It is even typical in trauma work to first start with anxiety management techniques and tools to help you feel more safe and secure before diving into the trauma.


I don’t know if my experience is technically trauma, is therapy the right fit?

If you have experienced an event or events that are having a negative impact on you today therapy can help.


 I have been to therapy before and it didn’t help, how will this be different?

If you have experienced a trauma, working with someone who has specific training, experience, and expertise is incredibly important. The psychologists at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness use research supported approaches to help with trauma. The psychologists who specialize in trauma at the practice have worked with clients who have experienced trauma in settings such as private practice, counseling centers, medical centers, and the veteran affairs administration. At Best Within You Therapy & Wellness our therapists uses somatic therapy for trauma, EMDR therapy, as well as cognitive therapy.


I am afraid to reach out, what should I do?

First off, we really get it. Reaching out for help can feel scary. Know we will do everything we can to help you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you contact us. If you are looking for a trauma therapist, please know you do not need to share about your trauma on our online form. In fact, we encourage that you do not. You can simply write therapy for trauma and if you have a gender preference and you will be matched with a psychologist.


We know that asking for help might feel challenging. Our compassionate therapists offer complimentary consultations. They are happy to answer any questions that you have. While our office is based in Atlanta, we are able to provide therapy to clients throughout the state. We also hold various other state licensures and provide online therapy to clients throughout the country.

If you are looking for a trauma therapist, know that you are in the right place.  The psychologists at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness are not only experts in trauma therapy but specialize in help with insomniaeating disorder treatment, and much more. You can schedule a video appointment or in office appointment with one of our psychologists today.