Your work doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do you.  Don’t let being perfect stop you!

I have been wanting to write more blog posts, but I am very aware that I am not the best speller and I do not have the best grammar when it comes to writing. I am a psychologist, that’s where most of my knowledge lies…. not in perfect writing. However, I want to provide content and share my knowledge to help people.

When I have written before I spent a lot of time editing it, and then sending the posts to people who are skilled in editing, spelling, and grammar to proofread. This process takes a good amount of time, and even with this process, sometimes there is an error.

I talk to clients about not letting perfection stop them, speaking about the importance of not letting fear or anxiety get in the way of what they want to do. I talk about the importance of not letting what others may think of them deter them from something that feels important to them. I truly believe we should act in ways that align with our values and not let being perfect or fear of mistakes stop us along that path.

I want to share my knowledge, and I want to help people. So, I am going to work to do that. Yes I’ll proofread what I write, but once (maybe twice), and then I’ll move on. There are only so many hours in a day, and I’m choosing not to spend them trying to be perfect in my writing.

Hope everyone reading this is able to think about what trying to be perfect, trying to make sure things are just right, or fear of mistakes is holding them back. Also, I hope everyone reading this can ignore whatever spelling or grammar error I may have made, and focus on the content.

Perfection Disclaimer

Below is my new post disclaimer- this applies to anything I post on social media and in blog posts!

*The spelling and grammar in this is likely not perfect. I am focusing more of my time on producing content to try to help more people instead of proofreading and editing. Hoping what is written over how it is written is what resonates with you. Let’s not let perfection or fear of making mistakes stop us from what we want to do in our lives.