We tend to think of social media as something that is bad for our body image. The truth is, depending on who you are following, engaging in social media can actually be helpful when it comes to how you view food and your body.  It is possible that social media can actually help improve your body image, but it depends on who you are following. When going through Instagram and looking at who you are following it is very important to be mindful of accounts that:

  • Promote restrictive dieting (e.g., “clean eating”, “bad foods”)
  • Bring up negative body image thoughts for you
  • Trigger disordered eating thoughts or behaviors
  • Use shaming tactics
  • Promote supplements and products for quick weight loss

It is beneficial to go through your instagram and think about which accounts make you feel more positive about your body and relationship with food, and which accounts feel more harmful. Think about which accounts leave you feeling more accepting or even more neutral about your body, and which accounts bring up feelings of dislike towards your body.

Even if you are not ready to unfollow accounts, adding in some healthy voices and messages can be incredibly beneficial. Here are some ideas of accounts to follow. Please note that we do not check these accounts regularly, so use your best judgment incase their messages have changed. Also, it is important to find social media accounts that resonate with you. Not every one of these accounts will be a fit, and that is ok. Take some time to look through these accounts and see which ones you want to follow.

If you have an account that promotes a positive relationship with food and body acceptance feel free to send us a message on Instagram (BestWithinYou).  We love to connect with other accounts and would be happy to add you to this list. We are always looking to update our list of accounts that focus on social media to improve body image.

Registered Dietitians

@immaeatthat (Kylie Mitchell, MPH, RD, LD)

@vickerywellness (Courtney MS, RD)

@intuitiveeatingnurse (Nicole Mareno, PhD, RN)

@marcird (Marci Evans, RD, CEDRD-S)

@bravespacenutrition (Katherine Metzelaar, MSN, RD)

@themindfuldietitian (Fiona Sutherland, dietitian in Australia)

@dietitiananna (Anna Sweeney, MS, RD, CEDRD-S)

@rachaelhartleyrd (Rachael Hartley, RD)

@balancehealthconsulting  (dietician practice)

@amee_rd (Amee Severson, RD)


Therapists & Psychologists

@bestwithinyou (Dr. Rebecca Leslie, psychologist, my account)

@doctorconfidential (Dr. Chermak, psychologist)

@drcolleenreichmann (Dr. Colleen Reichman, psychologist)

@jennifer_rollin (Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C)

@dr.allieweiser (Dr. Weiser, psychologist)

@sitwithit (Whitney Goodman, LMFT)

@colietaicolcswm (Colie Taico, LCSW)

@whole_embodied_therapist (Sarah Pannell, LMFT)

@mollybcounseling (Molly Bahr, LMHC)

@laurajoneslpc (Laura Jones, LPC)

@bodyimage_therapist (Ashlee Bennett, AThR – art therapist)

@the.lovelybecoming (therapist in training)


Organizations, activists, and other accounts promoting positive body image
















Food ideas (most of these accounts do a good job of leaving diet culture out of their recipes, blog posts, and meal ideas, however occasionally something slips in):

















If you are wanting support with body image, an eating disorder, or changing your relationship with food the psychologists at Best Within You Therapy & Wellness are here to support you. You can learn more about our eating disorder therapy services.