We are excited to continue our meet the team series. This interview features Buckhead based therapist Dr. Amanda Parker.

What is your Role at Best Within You? 

“I am a Postdoctoral Fellow at Best Within You.”

What is your therapeutic approach?

“Every individual’s experience is unique, requiring a personalized approach to treatment. I don’t really ascribe to just one. An integrated approach allows me to use multiple methods when working with clients. I have a particular passion for working with individuals that have experienced trauma, and so it was important to me to find different ways to help people heal.” 


What are your specialties and areas of experience?

“I have experience and am passionate about working with individuals with eating disorders, anxiety, depression, personality disorders, OCD, substance use disorders, religious/spirituality concerns, relationship challenges, and health issues. In addition to these concerns, I have significant trauma training. I have extensive experience working with individuals who have experienced acute, chronic, and complex trauma.  I work with individuals who have experienced intimate partner violence, childhood trauma, combat trauma, sexual trauma, and post traumatic stress disorder.”


What made you particularly interested in trauma? 

“Being able to talk about trauma with people in a clinical setting and to provide a safe environment for people to explore their past. “I wanted to dive into the research of trauma and how it affected different areas of life and how we can heal those areas as well.”


Can you discuss your academic and career paths? 

“I have an undergraduate degree in psychology and a minor in developmental psychology. I got my Doctorate of Psychology in Clinical Psychology at Mercer University and my undergraduate at Georgia Gwinnett College. I was a non-traditional student and went back to school after working for several years, and therefore, I was dedicated and focused on pursuing a degree in psychology.”


What are some of your professional goals and accomplishments?

“I am a mother of three, two of whom were born while I was pursuing my doctorate, so just getting through school was harder and gave me more hurdles I had to jump over. Most importantly, I learned the importance of balancing my work life with my home life and honestly, my own self care. This has been an incredible experience and a wonderful chapter of my life that I really look forward to continuing and growing.”


What are you most passionate about? 

“I would say I am an extremely passionate person so it is hard to narrow it down. However, one of the things I am very passionate about is helping others find autonomy and self-love.  I love being able to work with someone and get them to a place where they feel powerful or in control and heal from the things they have been through. I think it’s really important to connect and communicate with others in ways that make life better. I’m super passionate about helping people heal their whole selves – body, mind, and spirit.”

“I am also very passionate about being a mom, especially being a mom to a daughter with Down Syndrome. Being a mom has been one of the deepest joys of my life. My life was blessed before having a daughter with Down Syndrome; however, my daughter  has opened my heart in such a wonderful way, and she has brought so much joy to my life.”


What do you like to do outside of the workplace? 

“It is not only a want, but a need for me to spend quality time with my family. Being around my loved ones is healing for me and it makes me very content and grateful.  Self-care for me is finding a great book, being out in nature, and painting. Also, using music and dance to help repair, recoup, and find peace. All of these things connect for me in different ways, which I love. The creative process can activate the nervous system, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.While I teach these ideas to clients, I also use them in my own time.”


What would you say to an individual considering therapy?

“No matter what, the fact that someone is even considering it is amazing. Especially considering the stigma about mental health, so even thinking about it is a wonderful step. I encourage anyone who is considering therapy to take the step and explore it further. Therapy can be a valuable and transformative experience that can help you to better understand yourself, navigate challenges, and improve your overall well-being.”

If you are interested in working with Dr. Parker for therapy you can visit our appointment page to schedule an appointment for complimentary consultation. Dr. Parker is an Atlanta therapist that offers in person sessions in Buckhead or virtual therapy appointments.